What is your Pro Wrestling name?

Update:  The Pro Wrestling Name Generator is now located at www.wrestlingname.com!

Two websites I visit often are The Presurfer and The Generator Blog.

The Generator Blog is "about software that creates software. Software to play around and have fun with."

A few years ago I had made a Pro Wrestling Name generator that would take your name and tell you what your wrestling name would be.  So, I was inspired to re-create it (in both cases, I had modified the "Wu-Name Generator" source).

This time I spent a lot of time modifying the html and php code that I had used as a reference (it wouldn’t work at all with Dreamhost, my hosting provider).  I added some security and validation to the form ‘post’ method and added a lot of functionality to the PHP code. My friend from work, Justin, helped me clean up the html and CSS so that it validates as XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

Anyways, Gerard from The Presurfer & The Generator Blog was kind enough to post my Pro Wrestling Name Generator and I’ve been getting a ton of traffic since!

So - give it a try and find out what your Pro Wrestling name should be! Here’s a screenshot:


~Jeff Kujath

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    You can leave “Name” “Mail” or “Website” blank to leave a comment if you wish.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Okay, so far I have had about 83000 names generated on my Wrestling Name Generator.

    Of those:

    The Top 25 “Real Names” (which are actually people putting in real wrestler names):

    1 Terry Bollea
    2 Kane
    3 Triple H
    4 John Cena
    5 Undertaker
    6 Kurt Angle
    7 Chris Jericho
    8 Hulk Hogan
    9 Eddie Guerrero
    10 Bret Hart

    If I take into account that people type in variations of a name (such as Terry Bollea and Hulk Hogan), the “real” top 10 would be:

    1 Terry Bollea
    2 Triple H
    3 John Cena
    4 Kane
    5 Undertaker
    6 The Rock
    7 Shawn Michaels
    8 Steve Austin
    9 Rey Mysterio
    10 Kurt Angle

    The first 47 names are all real Wrestler names. (#48 is “God”).

    We don’t get to our first swear word until #56, which is the “F” word. At #59 is “F U”. The “S” word is #104 (of 23849 unique real names entered).

    Some people tend to spend quite a bit of time typing in swear words, insults, etc. “You Suck” is #132. Bit** is $144. A*Hole is #149.

    42% of ALL real names entered were unique (no one else typed in the same real name). Conversly, 58% of the names entered had already been entered at least once.

    Mark Callaway (The Undertaker’s real name) was misspelled “Mark CallOway” 30% of the time.

    The top source generated 456 wrestler names. It may be one person, or could be multiple people behind 1 IP (using NAT).
    There are 82 unique IP’s that generated AT LEAST 100 wrestler names each!

    Just some fun stats that I pulled out of the logs.


  3. Fake Jesus Says:

    How did Brock Lesnar ’sell out’?

  4. Jeff Says:

    He sold out by quitting the WWE and going for the NFL. Come to think of it, “sold out” may not be the proper term since he literally walked away from millions. Maybe he’s just an idiot.

  5. Fake Jesus Says:

    So, he sold out for quitting a job that he no longer wanted?

  6. Jeff Says:


    Basically, the thing against Lesnar is mostly that the WWE had made him the top shelf guy (not to mention the amount of money they gave him).
    What he should have done if he wanted to persue other interests would have been to take what he had in terms of being put over, and put over someone else before leaving.
    Instead, he mentioned he was leaving to go to the NFL before Wrestlemania which pretty much ruined any chance for him to put anyone over and also made his match with Goldberg pretty aweful since everyone was ticked that he was leaving.
    So he pretty much left wrestling on pretty bad terms and all for himself. Sure, that’s his right… but that didn’t make it “right”.

    My 2 cents anyhow.

  7. Fake Jesus Says:

    I agree that he should have put someone else over before leaving.

    Brock made it clear he wasn’t happy long before Wrestlemania.

    Brock’s match with Goldberg was behind the 8-Ball anyway, as everyone knew Goldberg was leaving and knew he was losing. At least with it common knowledge Brock was leaving too, it put the result a little more in doubt.

    Brock left because he was unhappy and miserable, and had been for a while. Would you stick around in that position, after making it clear to your boss that you were unhappy and were considering leaving?

  8. jeff Says:

    You make a valid point. However, I guess I believe that if you get the privilege of being a WWE superstar of Brock’s calibar you at least owe it to the fans to possibly go out with a bit more class (undertanding the issues Brock had behind the scenes with Vince and the business in general).
    With Goldberg, it was no secret that he was just a hired gun. With Brock, I think his fans believed he was still in it and many probably purchased tickets for events (such as that Wrestlemania) solely because he was in it.
    I do believe that he absolutely had the right to leave. I guess I still think he could have done it a bit “nicer”, for the fans anyhow.
    At least Goldberg won the Wrestlemania match - and both got stunnered by Stone Cold afterwards. That made it worth a little more than nothing.

  9. Brad Says:

    Maybe he was tired of playing an athlete and wanted to be a real one…

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  11. Ivy Says:

    I did notice something bery intertestign when I entered your name :) I guess I would have expected the same type of treatment for you wife (at least something better than Beefy Ice)

  12. Don Says:

    I love the Generator, keep up the great work!

  13. jeff Says:

    What are some of the more interesting names people are generating?

  14. Joe Says:

    I love this thing! Especially what you said about Cena. lmao

  15. Jared Says:

    Randy Savage says SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM not bite!

  16. Jessie Says:


    you have a very nice blog and very informative article…

  17. Poisoned Shadows Says:

    I noticed the thinly-hidden political commentary, and I also noticed what happens if you type in the name of the man who created it.

    However…I’m pretty sure God would know how to spell “Samurai.”

  18. jeff Says:

    Jared: Corrected…

    Poisoned Shadows: Thanks, and yes God *should* know how to spell that… I’ll let him know! ;-)

  19. Tim Says:

    Great site! Made my day and friends at work since half the office is out at a Cubs game or on vacation.

  20. RJ Says:

    Great site. Creeped me out when the answers started hitting too close too home. Just don’t hunt me down. Please?!?!?

    Keep it funny. My favorites are Barry Bonds and Osama Bin Laden.

  21. Tim Says:

    Your site was linked from a sports comedy site based in Chicago.


  22. jeff Says:

    Glad you guys liked it! :-) Thanks for the news on Dusty Dvoracek… that’s too cool.

  23. jeff Says:

    Currently having VERY slow access to my sites with Dreamhost. Hopefully it’ll clear up soon.

  24. RJ Says:

    Link to the Dusty article:


  25. jeff Says:

    Funny article, thanks. ;-)

  26. Jeff Kujath Says:

    I added a piece of javascript that busts my page out of someone else’s frame.
    I noticed that a website was embedding my site into theirs and I don’t really want that.

    If you DO want to embed my site into yours - just email me. If I agree, I’ll just create a different page that you can embed.

  27. Chase (aka Super Wolf) Says:

    he its super wolf here how did you make this

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  29. S Dog Says:

    Why is nobody on right now?

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  31. Anonymous Says:

    Adriana Lima, Taylor Swift, Condoleezza Rice

  32. Mc Fly Says:

    I just stumbled upon your site and it entertained me for a good one and a half hours. Great and very funny. My favourites were Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock. Laughed out loud here. I will definately pass this on to all my friends.
    I’m from Germany by the by.


  33. travis Says:

    I posted the link to your site in my forums and the members were very entertained. Wanted to say thanks, and see if you were interested in a possible link sharing.

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  35. Arique Says:

    So how do you get unbanned?

  36. blarb45 Says:

    please un-ban me. I was just seeing the different things you get when you type swear words. I won’t do it again!

  37. Alois Schickelgruber Says:

    I apologized for being racist by typing “I’m sorry”, and I was banned! This can’t be true!

  38. Юлиан Says:

    Благодарю за инфу, почитал с интересом

  39. la16 Says:

    not pleased with the ignorant liberal bias on this name generator, makes you look very stupid

  40. Anton Hughes Says:

    I am trying to become a pro wrestler as soon as I pay my court cost down and I need a wrestler name. I have used your wrestling name generator but I am not happy with the results.

    Please give me a wrestler name I can use. I am short, light skinned black, short hair, fat (200 pounds). My full name is Tiance Antaun Hughes but I will be shortening it to Anton Hughes later on.

    Please help! I know many WOMEN have cool, one liner names like Sable and Chyna. I am looking for a name like that if you can possibly do it. Please respond to me by email at hughesanton@gmail.com.


    PS-I used your little email form and it didn’t work. So I had to use THIS one.

  41. DJjoejoe Says:

    Please unban me. My brother was testing what would happen if he typed swear words. SORRY! it won’t happen again.

  42. thesadman Says:

    my little brother was on your site and put in some undesirable name and therefore i got banned. just to let you know it was not me who put those words in there. i enjoy your wrestling name generator and now i am banned because of his actions.

  43. thesadman Says:

    i am sorry for my brother’s actions.

  44. Jordan Says:



  45. singleman Says:

    Please un-ban me. One of my best mates was over at my house tonight, and thought accessing your Pro Wrestling Name Generator site would be fun, and indeed it was, until he started typing some nasty and racist comments which he somehow thought was fun, but it wasn’t fun for me as I got banned because of that idiot. Please please un-ban me! I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again ever, and I’m sorry for his stupid actions. Please un-ban me, I love your generator so very much.

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  60. Rob Says:

    I was messing around, and got banned. Of course I realize why one could argue I deserve it. I’m not racist, and never have been. I was testing the response. I was glad to see the MLK video. Good message man…I did pass math, I just didn’t read directions correctly…lol

  61. Me Says:

    I love your site man. I typed in Andre Huppe and it said: Bobcat Stink Face….LOL

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