What is your Pro Wrestling name?

August 13th, 2007

Update:  The Pro Wrestling Name Generator is now located at www.wrestlingname.com!

Two websites I visit often are The Presurfer and The Generator Blog.

The Generator Blog is "about software that creates software. Software to play around and have fun with."

A few years ago I had made a Pro Wrestling Name generator that would take your name and tell you what your wrestling name would be.  So, I was inspired to re-create it (in both cases, I had modified the "Wu-Name Generator" source).

This time I spent a lot of time modifying the html and php code that I had used as a reference (it wouldn’t work at all with Dreamhost, my hosting provider).  I added some security and validation to the form ‘post’ method and added a lot of functionality to the PHP code. My friend from work, Justin, helped me clean up the html and CSS so that it validates as XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

Anyways, Gerard from The Presurfer & The Generator Blog was kind enough to post my Pro Wrestling Name Generator and I’ve been getting a ton of traffic since!

So - give it a try and find out what your Pro Wrestling name should be! Here’s a screenshot:


~Jeff Kujath

Sabotage: My never-ending project

June 18th, 2006

Download Sabotage Now!I like to mess around and create games using Multimedia Fusion (by ClickTeam).  Trouble is, I never seem to finish them.  Case in point, my game called "Sabotage". 

I actually started making this game back in 1998 (I called it Fields of Fire back then).  At the time, Klik & Play (by Maxis) was what I started with and eventually worked on it with The Games Factory (by Europress, and now ClickTeam).  Many versions went by and then ClickTeam (the original creators of both Klik & Play, The Games Factory and even Click & Create) came out with Multimedia Fusion

So, once again, I created a new version of my game and renamed it Sabotage after the original Apple ][e version from 1981 by Mark Allen.  Here’s another link to a Wikipedia article about it.  The PC version, called Paratrooper, was created a year later for the PC by Greg Kuperberg of Orion software.  That version can be found here.  Below is a screenshot from the Apple ][e version.

Original 1980's Version

 So I took my latest version (from late 2003) and worked on it some more to make it more playable.  What you see here is my first real attempt at actually finishing this thing.

Download Sabotage Now!I call it "Beta 1" only because I need to add levels and more enemies to it.  The base game is finished and I am looking to improve the interface graphics some as well.

So give it a shot and let me know what you think.  You can visit the discussion forums if you have any requests for future versions, bug reports, etc.

You can download the game HERE.  

Basic Controls:  
Mouse Rotate Turret
Left Mouse Button Shoot
Right Mouse Button Shield

~Jeff Kujath

Ku’s Software

March 19th, 2006

What the heck is this site, you ask?

Well, it’s partly a repository of software and scripts that I’ve written. It’s also a bit of a blog with these topics.

Basically, I like to mess around making various scripts, programs and games. I’m not much of a programmer, but maybe some of this stuff is useful to others.

All of it is freeware. And most of the source code is included. If you use any of it, just buy me a beer or something (if you’re in the Seattle area, that is… if not, at least email me a picture of someone drinking a beer in my honor). :-)

~Jeff Kujath

C++ and VB (Visual Basic)

March 19th, 2006

I am also putting old programs that I wrote back in the day. One of them is my very first C++ program (and my last because I’m lame). It’s a simple unit conversion program that converts any (K/M/G/P/T/etc)bits to any (K/M/G/P/T/etc)Bytes.

It includes the source code that can be compiled to run in Windows and Linux. The Windows binary is included, but not a Linux one.

DOWNLOAD: Conversion Buddy (text version) 50KB

Screenshot of CBuddy


I always like Visual Basic for creating some simple programs. I’m not that good at it… and I really only have one completed program to put here (for now). It’s one of my first ones and like the C++ program above, it deals with converting bits to bytes. I wrote this in April 2000 with VB 5.0.

DOWNLOAD: Conversion Buddy 2000 (VB version) 4.3MB

Conversion Buddy 2000

~Jeff Kujath

Linux Stuff

March 19th, 2006

I plan on putting some Linux bash scripts here that I’ve written to do things for my job as a Network Engineer.

Most of them deal with managing routers and other network devices via SNMP and taking that data and making it into a easy to read webpage. I’ve written tons of scripts so hopefully they’ll help others.

My distro of choice is Debian. I’ve tried many others but I always keep coming back to good ol’ Debian. Apt-get (via aptitude) is what it’s about and although ’stable’ isn’t as up-to-date as some people like, ‘testing’ is much more so and very much as stable as many other distros. If Debian intimidates you, check out Ubuntu or, my preference, Kubuntu (difference between defaulting to Gnome or KDE). It’s based on Debian but geared more towards being user friendly and targets the desktop. Quick shout-out to Jeremiah for opening my eyes to Debian a few years back (I had been mostly a Redhat/Mandrake dude).

But I digress…

~Jeff Kujath